Gateway for ASI delivery point-to-point via internet or IP Networks

The D2Flex 3000 is a broadcast-quality full-duplex IP/ASI video gateway that can send or receive multiple services over IP with any ASI or network source. Transmission of high-quality video with low latency across the public internet is supported with the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol.




  • Reliable public internet transmission of 

broadcast video with the Secure Reliable 
Transport (SRT) protocol. 

  • IP encapsulation of up to 4 independent 

output streams on a Gigabit Ethernet link. 

  • Secure AES 128/256 bit encryption between 

each endpoint, critical for public internet 

  • ASI to IP (TSoIP) conversion for transporting 

digital video content over IP networks. 

  • IP (TSoIP) to ASI conversion provides a full 

duplex network video gateway. 

  • Network jitter correction and adaptation for 

transport of MPEG TSoIP. 

  • Configurable PSIP/SI major and minor channel 


  • Optional D2Alert for insertion of EAS 

Emergency Alerts in your digital channels. 

  • Optional D2Guide for dynamic PSIP guide 

generation from Titan TV, Gracenote (TMS) or 
a spreadsheet. 

  • Compact 1/3 RU design with optional rack

Ordering Information

  • D2Flex 3104: Gateway with 4 input and output streams, 1 ASI input and 1 ASI output.

  • D2Alert: Optional D2Alert for insertion of Emergency Alert System in transport stream

  • D2Guide: Optional D2Guide dynamic PSIP Guide generation from Titan TV or spreadsheet

Multi-Channel ATSC Encoder 
Typical Configuration