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4Radio Audio Encoder Multiplex

For over Satellite or IP and the Internet distribution

Typical radio content distribution via Satellite and IP 


IRD for radio content distribution via Satellite and IP 


Legacy Pico Radio IRD's XDS Series


  • Low bitrate down to 100 Ksps (optional), 256 Ksps standard

  •  Can fit in a 150 kHz carrier (optional), 400

  •  400 kHz standard

  •  DVB S/S2 - QPSK/8PSK

  •  MPEG2, AAC-LC,HEv1,and HEv2 *

  •  Four balanced analog outputs

  •  Four digital AES/EBU outputs

  •  One IP AES67 output (four streams)

  •  128 GB M2SATA solid state drive

  •  Store and forward file delivery

  •  Receives live IP streams

  •  Locally input LIDs, liners, spots

  •  Import/export content locally

  •  Store and forward

  •  Audio input for network automation

  •  Four PAD output port for RDS

  •  32 relay closures (hard, RS-232, and IP)

  •  Program station automation via WebUI

  •  Two 100BaseT Ethernet ports with VLAN

  •  DHCP, NFS, HTTP, Telnet

  •  Alarms via relay closure, email, SNMP

  •  In-field firmware upgradable

  •  Record and insertion of media

  •  Remote control via Xpress or X-Digital6

  •  For satellite or streaming networks

  •  Cost effective

Radio Broadcast Brochure
All - in - One MPX + RDS + Stereo Gen + IP + Sat IRD
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