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ADVSAT Teleport Services

Broadcast - Internet - Voice and Data networks


With facilities in USA and Panama ADVSAT offer Teleport services to the Broadcast Radio and TV media community and to Government, Educational Entities , Corporate or private customer’s and individuals.


Strategically located and with unsurpassed fiber connectivity in Florida and thru the isthmus of Panama our teleports serve nonrivalry to connect the US with the Caribbean and Latin America.



From Panama to enjoy the view of the domestic and the international  arc of satellites constellations in the northern and southern American hemispheres and Europe. These unique locations allow the broadcasters to uplink and downlink virtually any satellite TV station.



The Miami Teleport serves to complement the receiving of the US and Canada CONUS TV signals not reaching Panama and backhauling it via fiber optics to any destination or feeding it directly to the cloud to Wowza Cloud, Zixi Broadcast , Amazon Web Services , Akamai or to feed via IP the CDN of your choice.



Our teleports offers to the broadcast, government, corporate or private customer’s community with remote internet, data and voice connectivity services using stationary ground fixed or flyaway antennas, mobile SOTM  (sat-com on the move), maritime or airborne gyro stabilized in the Eutelsat Intelsat and SES spacecrafts in Ku and C band with our iDirect Hubs.

You are always On-line with us, no matter where you are!


For more info or for a RFQ please contact us: or to our voice line +1(786) 230-9362

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